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What is RED January?

Suffolk Mind is excited to be partnering with RED January for 2020, a community initiative that encourages you to support your mental health by doing something active every single day during a characteristically tough month.

Whether you run, swim, cycle or choose your favourite fitness activity, set your goal and enjoy support from the RED community every step, splash and pedal of the way! 

Kick-start your 2020 in a positive way and raise funds for Suffolk Mind so together we can be active for better mental health.

It’s easy to sign up and challenge yourself throughout the first month of the year.

How to register for RED January

You can simply register to take part RED January for Suffolk Mind here.

Now you’ve signed up to become a REDer, why not challenge yourself?

This year we’re encouraging people who sign up to RED January with Suffolk Mind to challenge themselves over the month.

We’ve come up with a few challenges for you to consider – they cover all abilities and all levels of fitness.

So get your football out, get on the treadmill, or do a bit of balloon volleyball and share your progress over the month on social media and share it with us @suffolkmind.

Keepy-Uppies with ITFC

Once you’ve signed up to RED January for Suffolk Mind, challenge yourself to master keepy-uppies during the month. If you can already do some, set a challenging target to reach by the end of the month. Maybe try to do 1,000 over the month, or master the skill so you can do 20 or 50 or 100 without the ball hitting the ground.

The rules: you can use your head, shoulders, knees and feet (no handballing!). Share your progress on social media using the hashtag #KeepUpSuffolk. There’s a great video for Footy Pups here (suitable for grown-ups too).

Primary Schools – Daily Mile

The Daily Mile is a national programme encouraging primary schools to work 15 minutes of running or jogging into the daily curriculum. Why not give it a try as part of RED January? Encourage students, teachers and parents to sign up for RED January and incorporate the Daily Mile so their activity is covered during the week.

Find out more about the Daily Mile here.

Workplaces – Fit For Life, 15 minutes a day

The aim of this challenge is for REDers to simply incorporate 15 minutes of activity into their daily lives – whether that’s walking, jogging, running, cycling… We’re encouraging workplaces to sign up to enable their staff to take 15 minutes out of the working day (not their lunch break) to get outside in the fresh air, or get on the treadmill or exercise bike for a quarter of an hour.

Fundraising Events

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