The Mental Health Toolkit

Our workplace wellbeing training programme, The Mental Health Toolkit, helps businesses and teams create long-term cultures of empowering support and wellbeing.

We’ve been delivering workshops since 2010, and have a wealth of experience and insights to share with you and your team.

The Mental Health Toolkit by Suffolk Mind provides practical mental health training for organisations and individuals across the UK.

We are experts in delivering high-quality, consistent and safe workplace wellbeing training. Our expertly-designed courses and workshops are delivered by experienced, qualified and professional staff.

We discuss your needs as an organisation or as an individual, to ensure you get the training that suits you and your team.

Our team will support your vision for improving mental wellbeing within the workplace, as well as supporting your Continuing Professional Development (CPD). We understand the need for your business to be emotionally healthy, with staff ready to rise to and overcome the challenges that life presents.

By constantly monitoring the quality of what we do, we ensure our courses are effective and practical. From taster workshops, all the way up to eight-module, in-depth training, our innovative approach will help you achieve better mental wellbeing and improved emotional resilience.

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