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Sammy the Sea Squirt book


You can now purchase our Sammy the Sea Squirt book.

As Sammy meets new friends, they discover what will happen if they stop moving…stuck in one place forever with no brain!

Move with Sammy to find out what happens and discover how you can keep your brain safe too. 

Children like reading Sammy the Sea Squirt because it’s fun. Adults can also have fun reading Sammy the Sea Squirt, knowing that they’re encouraging children to be mentally and physically well. 

Under the waves, where sunlight is blue, 
Sammy the Sea Squirt is born with a tube. 
Sea Squirts have a brain on top of their tube 
that tells them to squirt 
and that’s how they move.

Once you purchase below, you will receive your book within 10 working days.

If you are from a school or bookshop please contact us for a special rate: [email protected]

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