Anxiety Management

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a feeling of stress, panic or fear that can affect your everyday life. How severe the symptoms people experience varies. Some people have only a few symptoms, while others have many more.

Anxiety Management Course

Our Anxiety Management course consists of two 4-hour sessions that will assist you in reclaiming control of your anxiety.

Our course aims to:

  • Help reduce your anxiety with breathing exercises
  • Help you distract and switch off your brain’s warning system when it gets out of control
  • Teach you how to recognise and convert negative emotions into positive ones
  • Help you regain good sleep by reducing anxiety
  • Question negative beliefs in order to help make you feel safe

This course will be run online. Please be reassured that there is no pressure to disclose, talk or discuss anything that would make you feel uncomfortable.  We want you to leave the course feeling more in control and with a better understanding of how to manage anxiety.

Please note: this is not a crisis service.

For urgent help for you or someone you know, please contact your GP, visit A&E, call 999 or 111, or visit our Help Directory for more options.

What happens next?

Once we receive your referral, our admin team will contact you within ten working days to notify you of our forthcoming course dates and to reserve your place.  Once a place has been reserved, we will send an email with course joining instructions around two weeks before the course begins, and you will receive workbooks in the post that you will need to accompany each session.

Please note our Anxiety Management course is currently closed for referrals.

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