Life Hacks for Young Minds

45-minute talk | From £120

Suitable for teenagers and pre-teens, our 45-minute talk introduces secondary school pupils to mental health and emotional needs.

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We take teenagers and pre-teens through skills that they can use to manage their own mental health to bring them back towards wellbeing, by meeting their emotional needs in healthy ways.

In the talk we discuss sleep, hormones and the impact that growth can have on feelings and emotions.

This talk can be focused towards exam skills and strategies, climate concerns or overcoming feelings of worry.

What’s included?

This talk supports young people to understand how the brain reacts differently based on differing experiences. We focus on the brain and the science behind how we can react rather than respond, and what we can do to change that.

We teach skills and life hacks to support managing emotions, overcoming panic and stress, and dealing with overwhelming experiences.


Register your interest, and we’ll be in touch for the next steps to support mental wellbeing in your school or activity group.

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The information provided was really good- nice visual demonstrations and activities that ensured students stayed focused and engaged.

Life Hacks for Young Minds client – Teacher.
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