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How has Suffolk’s mental health been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic?

Over the years, Suffolk Mind’s research team have been gathering anonymous data from the local population asking people how well they are meeting their Emotional Needs. Because of this, we have been able to compare this data to the data we have collected over the last 18 months, during the Coronavirus pandemic to see how Suffolk’s mental health has been affected. 

What data have we collected?

To influence our services and products we use an ‘organising idea’: that we all have physical and emotional needs and a set of skills and resources that we’re born with to meet those needs. This is referred to as the Emotional Needs & Resources Approach. 

We have twelve physical and emotional needs, including attention, control, emotional connection, respect, food and drink, achievement, sleep, security, community, meaning and purpose, privacy, movement. These needs need to be met in a balance unique to each of us for good wellbeing. If we have one or more of these unmet, then we are susceptible to stress, which in turn can lead to mild to moderate mental ill health if unmet needs are not addressed. 

In our anonymous audit, people score each need from -3 (not met at all) to +3 (very well met). A score below 1 means the need is not met and the person is susceptible to stress and therefore mental ill health.

We also ask people about the factors that might be influencing how well their needs are met at the moment – for example, finances, relationships, physical health, etc.

And finally we also ask for a few personal details so that we can understand what is happening within various demographic groups – like minorities, or differences in gender, for example.

Our findings inform service development at Suffolk Mind and help us identify opportunities and needs with public services.

Download our reports

You can now download our Coronavirus and impact reports to learn more about how Suffolk’s mental health has been affected by the pandemic, and the impact our services have on those who need us. 

Download your copies of our Coronavirus and Suffolk Mind impact reports here

Take part in our research

How is your wellbeing? Take our short questionnaire and find out. In doing so, you are also anonymously contributing to our research on how Suffolk is faring, now that we are emerging from the pandemic. This vital information enables us to develop services and provide support for our community.

Even if you have done this survey before, we want to see how you are doing now. It will only take five minutes.

Be part of our research by completing our questionnaire 

Mental Health Research Consultancy

Are you an organisation looking to gather actionable insights on the mental wellbeing of your staff, a service or service users, or a community or locality? Suffolk Mind’s Research Consultant will work with you; tailoring the research to your needs, and analysing and presenting the information in a way that’s meaningful and actional to you.

Our unique approach to mental wellbeing means that the process of gathering data enables research subjects to reflect on and learn about their emotional needs. With our support and signposting options, participants will be supported throughout.

Once data collection concludes, we are able to drill down into the data, examining the areas of particular interest to you.

Suffolk Mind’s Mental Health Experts are also able to provide additional insight on your findings, and with our large body of regional data on mental wellbeing, we are able to compare and contextualise your results to your local area. We will share results of the research will be shared with you in the way that is most useful to you.

Book an initial appointment today by emailing [email protected].

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