Menopause & Me

Menopause & Me

About Menopause & Me

Suffolk Mind has partnered with Suffolk Libraries for the Menopause & Me project.

Menopause & Me provides support and guidance for people experiencing the menopause and perimenopause, and is funded by the Department of Health & Social Care.

The menopause and perimenopause affects all of us, both at home and at work. It not only affects people who are menopausal, but also their colleagues, families and friends. According to a 2021 BUPA survey, almost 1,000,000 people left work due to menopausal symptoms in the last year.

Our aim is to support people in Suffolk with lived experience of the menopause, as well as local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to increase understanding and awareness of the menopause.

Please note: this is not a crisis service.

For urgent help for you or someone you know, please contact your GP, visit A&E, call 999 or 111, or visit our Help Directory for more options.

Support for those with lived experience

If you have lived experience and would like support, you can sign up to the free Menopause & Me community course. The course offers six online, interactive sessions, and is aimed at anyone experiencing the perimenopause or menopause.

Each session is designed to address and focus on different areas of information and support, to help people better understand their symptoms, and how to support themselves. This will be through teaching, learning activities and opportunities to share within the group.

Support for employers

If you work for a small or medium enterprise (SME) in Suffolk – ie a company with less than 250 employees – you may be eligible for our free Menopause Employers Course. This one-day session will focus on raising awareness of the (peri)menopause, and how the affects and associated symptoms can be supported and managed within the workplace.

If your organisation is outside of Suffolk or has more than 250 employees, this course can be purchased separately. Please contact our team to discuss.

Additional support for (peri)menopause

Ongoing support groups

You can also join one of Suffolk Libraries’ M-Powered support groups. These provide dedicated safe spaces to share experiences, meet others, and offer and receive encouragement and understanding. Visit the Suffolk Libraries website to find out more.

Blog: Managing the menopause

Senior Trainer of The Mental Health Toolkit Penny Tyndale-Hardy looks at managing the menopause, and how to navigate the changes it can bring in our blog.

Video: Menopause, sleep and mental health

You can also watch our animation below, for information about (peri)menopause, and how it affects sleep and mental health.

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