Long COVID support (SNELCAS)

About long COVID support

Suffolk Mind are working with Suffolk and Northeast Essex Long COVID Assessment Service (SNELCAS) to support clients affected by Long Covid.

If you have long COVID and would like support, please contact SNELCAS first on 0300 123 2425, or email ccc.snelcas@esneft.nhs.uk.

What is long COVID?

Long COVID, sometimes called post Covid-19 syndrome, describes the signs and symptoms of COVID, which can continue for more than 12 weeks after COVID itself, and are not explained by an alternative diagnosis. Symptoms can include depression and anxiety.

Living with long COVID

Living with long COVID symptoms can be very challenging. Tiredness and fatigue, aches and pains, brain fog and difficulty with concentration, can make it difficult to do things we which previously came easily. Some common challenges might include:

• Feeling anxious when struggling to catch your breath
• Low mood and poor sleep
• Uncertainty about the future
• Concerns about getting back to work
• Concerns about family or friends
• The lack of clear answers to questions or explanations

Please note: this is not a crisis service.

For urgent help for you or someone you know, please contact your GP, visit A&E, call 999 or 111, or visit our Help Directory for more options.

Long COVID, Sleep & Mental Wellbeing Course

This online course of four 1.5-hour sessions is for those registered with SNELCAS. The course provides coping strategies to manage the effects of long COVID. On this course you will meet other people to:

  • Find new ways to meet needs like community, connection, autonomy and purpose
  • Plan ways to improve your sleep, one step at a time
  • Practice and build confidence with breathing exercises
  • Learn to block and challenge negative thoughts

The online course will be split into three groups, with the following meeting times:

Group 1: 9.30am to 11am

Group 2: 11.30am to 1pm

Group 3: 2pm to 3.30pm

Sleep Management sessions

For those who are self-managing symptoms of long COVID, these monthly 1-hour sessions focus on answering your questions about improving sleep and are open to anyone registered with SNELCAS. Sessions take place from 4pm to 5pm.


Counselling can provide a safe, non-judgement, confidential one to one space to you.  In counselling you can talk about your worries etc and how this has impacted your life.

Under this service, we are able to provide you with six free sessions in either Ipswich or Bury St Edmunds. You will need to be registered with SNELCAS before you self-refer. Please note that we are only offering daytime appointments.

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