Our Emotional Needs Survey lesson resources are a way to help you:

• Measure mental wellbeing within the classroom
• Demonstrate mental health measurement to Ofsted
• Access analysis of the results, through handy infographics created by us for you

These resources provide a quick activity (10 – 20 minutes, depending on the class or style of teaching) to measure the mental wellbeing of your students. The activity is based on a mental wellbeing measure, the Emotional Needs Survey (also known as the Emotional Needs Audit), modified to be age-appropriate for different stages of education. It is a valuable way for students to learn about mental wellbeing and reflect on their own mental health using the Emotional Needs and Resources approach.

Once you’ve completed this exercise with your students, send or scan the worksheets back to Suffolk Mind via our Freepost service or by email (more details in the Instructions sheet). Then we will send you an infographic with the details of how well your students are, and what Emotional Needs they are meeting better than others.

This will also help contribute to Suffolk Mind’s data collection and give us more of an insight into mental health in Suffolk. This will help us provide the necessary support to people who need it most. The data will remain anonymous, and will only be reported back on a group level. This is to maintain data protection and confidentiality.

You can find the worksheet for each different Key Stage below (both a standard sheet, and, for Key Stages 2 – 5, one with modified instructions for easier reading), a set of instructions for the teacher(s) of the activity, a PDF of the Emotional Needs cards, and a front sheet to attach when sending the sheets back to us.

If you have any questions, please get in contact with our research team.

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