Castle Guitar Quest

Learn to play and perform a famous song in 3 weeks (by 10 Feb 2024)

Hoo-hoo, over the castle on the hill…

Now we’ve got the song stuck in your head, read on to find out about our unique fundraiser.

Learn to play and perform a famous song in 3 weeks (by 10 February 2024) and raise money for Suffolk Mind with our Castle Guitar Quest.

Sign-ups have now closed, so why not buy a ticket to the gig to see our Castle Guitar Questers show off their new skills?

Buy tickets to the gig

Calling guitarists of all levels

Join our Castle Guitar Quest fundraising challenge for 2024.

Challenge yourself to learn to play Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran, and ask people to sponsor your giving page. With over two weeks of bitesize tutorials by Richard Deyn, Ipswich Guitar School, you’ll learn the song step by step.

Whether you’ve got a guitar for Christmas or dusting off your old guitar, why not make ‘learning to play Castle on the Hill’ your New Year’s resolution?

If you join our challenge, you can achieve it by 10 February 2024.

Feeling up to it? Rock on! Here are the details:

Step 1: Sign up before 20 January 2024. Entries cost £5 per person

Step 2: Set up your Suffolk Mind giving page. We’ll then send you the tutorial links by email, and reserve your unique commemorative guitar pick

Step 3: Download our daily bitesize recorded online tutorials, beginning 20 January 2024

Step 4: Practice the song at home the week of 3 to 9 February 2024

Step 5: Play for friends and family at our gig at Framlingham College on Saturday 10 February from 2pm. You’ll have the chance to play Castle on the Hill with everyone else taking in the challenge. (Performing is optional, but if you’d like to join us, you’ll be on stage with lots of other people, and a live band for support). Our band will also perform a few more hits for you and your audience to enjoy together.

Here’s a sneak preview:


Who can sign up?

Anyone – the challenge is open to all ages and abilities.

Will I need my own guitar?

Yes, you will need a guitar. If you know someone with one, you could ask to borrow one for the month if you don’t have your own.

Electric or acoustic guitar?

Either. When we play it through for friends and family, everyone will be on stage together.

Do I need to know how to play guitar?

Some experience will make it easier, but if you’re new to guitar, we’re teaching you in very bitesize tutorials. If you would like to learn more, there are a range of online tutorials and local instructors available – including our event partner Ipswich Guitar School.

Do I have to do the performance?

No, we won’t make you perform if you really don’t want to. But, we do encourage it as part of the challenge and to celebrate your achievement. If you do perform, people are likely to sponsor you more for playing the song in public. You will be playing with lots of other guitarists and a live band, so you won’t be on your own!

Can we do it as a class or team?

Yes, you can. Taking on a challenge as a class, family, couple or team is a great way to stay motivated and makes it fun. We do suggest a £5 donation per person to join the challenge, and then raise sponsorship for completing the challenge through a giving page.

Can you tell me more about the gig?

On Saturday 10 February 2024 we’re hosting a live performance for everyone who’s taken part in the challenge. Everyone will be on stage together, with Richard’s band, to perform Castle on the Hill to friends and family.

Audience tickets are available to purchase at £5 per ticket via the link below:

Buy tickets to the gig

How do I get sponsorship?

Set up your Suffolk Mind giving page and set a target (we suggest £50 for this challenge), and we will send through your tutorial links.

Then share your page on your social media using the hashtag #CastleGuitarQuest, and with friends, family and colleagues. Let people know what the challenge involves and that you’re supporting Suffolk Mind.

Questions or queries

Find out more by emailing the Fundraising team.

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