Suffolk Mind urges men to “put their mental health first”

by Suffolk Mind Team | 11 Jun 2024
Suffolk charity urges men to “put their mental health first”

According to our research, men’s emotional and physical needs were worse met this year than last.

Our Emotional Needs Audit which so far has surveyed more than 25,000 people in the county, has revealed men’s needs on average were worse met by 13% in 2023/24 compared to 2022/23.

The worst met needs in men were those for Community, which was down 21%, Meaning and Purpose, which was down 20% and Security, which was down 18% on last year

Our Head of Education Ezra Hewing said: “Men’s mental health is a big issue, and being aware that small changes can make a big difference is key.

“If  someone is not meeting their physical and emotional needs for an extended period of time, this can lead to stress – which could progress to mental ill health.

“As we mark Men’s Health Week, it is important that men know that help is out there for them and to put their mental health first.”

On average, men reported their work situation was a bigger barrier to meeting their needs than it was last year, rising from 33% to 39%.

More men also reported their relationships  as a barrier, with 29% of men reporting it in 2022/23 to 35% in 2023/24

Ezra added: “Some approaches to addressing mental health may not appeal to all  men – they may prefer practical solutions rather than being told toopen up about their feelings.

“Men express their emotions in different ways, and there is a risk that we  end up alienating them, particularly if they value independence and self-reliance.

“There needs to be recognition that some men feel comfortable about sharing how they feel and asking for help, while there are those who don’t.

“The most important thing is to let men know there is support out there for them if they need it.”

Find out more about our approach to men’s mental health.

by Suffolk Mind Team
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