Gala on the Farm: Sponsor spotlight on GLO

by Suffolk Mind Team | 22 Mar 2023

Our first Gala on the Farm takes place at Jimmy’s Farm this July, and we’ve already received some fantastic support. So, we’d like to shine a sponsor spotlight on GLO – Generate Leads Online, who are generously supporting this event. We spoke to John Parnell, owner of GLO, to find out more about him, his company, and his passion for mental health.

John has always understood the impact of wellbeing – both physical and mental. His mother, Maureen, devoted many years of her life to the NHS’ mental health services as the head of Suffolk’s crisis team. As a result, he was raised with a strong appreciation for the importance of mental health in particular.

In 2022, this appreciation became a passion. Following the devastating loss of his best friend, Aine Kerlin, John has channelled much of his energy into supporting others – working through his award-winning digital marketing agency, GLO, to fundraise for Suffolk Mind. These efforts, from inflatable runs to skydives, have raised both awareness and more than £1,500 in funds – both of which we’re incredibly grateful for. Most recently, on 18 March 2023, GLO and Ipswich Rugby Club held a memorial day for Aine, as well as other people no longer with us. The day included a raffle in aid of Suffolk Mind, which garnered a further £700.

John Parnell, pictured centre, at the Ipswich Rugby Club Memorial Day event

GLO’s dedication to mental health doesn’t stop at fundraising. In fact, understanding and caring for it is a top priority both in and out of their offices. Whether creating open dialogues on social media with #MentalHealthMondays, or accessing the company’s dedicated mental health line (provided through private medical care), GLO staff know that they’re both seen and supported. John emphasises that prioritising employees’ mental health fosters a positive work environment, contributing to staff retention and increased productivity.

Based in Ipswich, GLO has been an avid supporter of Suffolk Mind for some time now, so it’s fantastic to have them on board for this event. They chose to sponsor this year’s Gala on the Farm to further their support of Suffolk Mind, and help raise awareness of mental health. In addition to supporting us, John also works to encourage people to talk about mental health through ice-breaking ‘loud’ shirts.

When asked what advice John would give other companies considering sponsorship, he said:

‘Do it! Not only are you helping Suffolk Mind in its goal of making Suffolk the best place in the world for talking about and taking care of mental health, but you’re also showing people that mental health matters to your company.’

There are still a few table sponsorships left for our Gala on the Farm event on 15 July. If you’re interested in sponsoring, please contact our Fundraising team.

by Suffolk Mind Team
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