Rail Operator speaks out about saving someone’s life on World Suicide Prevention Day

by Suffolk Mind Team | 10 Sep 2020

A GB Railfreight Rail Operator speaks out about saving the life of a man who was standing over the edge of a bridge towards a railway line, after mental health training from Suffolk Mind.

Harry, who is based in Eastleigh, was on shift at the end of August when he stopped to help the man; he ensured all rail services in the area were stopped and approached the man to talk him down from the situation.

Harry recently had mental health training from Suffolk Mind to understand the key link between emotional needs and wellbeing and how to communicate with people who may be experiencing distress.

Harry said: “Being trained by Suffolk Mind gave me the confidence to approach the man. I used the techniques to understand his needs and told him a personal story to inspire him to talk to me.

“It took about 10 minutes before he began speaking to me and an off duty British Transport Police Officer. We were chatting for about 15 minutes until help arrived from Network Rail and the police. I felt quite shaken after the incident, but pleased and proud I was able to assist in saving his life”.

Ezra Hewing, Head of Mental Health Education at Suffolk Mind, said: “This heroic incident just shows how important mental health training is for businesses and individuals. The fact that Harry had the confidence to approach this man in need was absolutely fantastic, and ultimately saved his life.

“People like Harry, who have gained the skills to support mental health, are able to make a difference at a critical moment. It really highlights the need for the wider population to understand the importance of emotional needs and how to meet them.”

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by Suffolk Mind Team
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