Suffolk Mind launches new service to help those with Borderline Personality Disorder in employment

by Suffolk Mind Team | 24 Oct 2018

Suffolk Mind has launched a new service specifically designed for people with a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) who are in employment.

Waves for Workers is a short term pilot project and will focus on life skills designed to help each person positively manage their diagnosis, while maintaining their employment. It aims to provide a safe and supportive environment that will enable each individual to reach their own goals and learn how to meet their emotional needs.

Borderline Personality Disorder is a mental health condition where your attitudes, beliefs and behaviours cause longstanding problems in your life. You may be easily overwhelmed by strong emotions such as distress, anxiety, anger or feelings of low self-esteem. You  might avoid people or feel a lack of emotional connection with others.

Kobe Borich, Service Development Manager said: “Suffolk Mind currently has a service called Waves, which is designed specifically for people with Borderline Personality Disorder. It’s a service we are very proud of because we see how it can help individuals get their emotional needs met and improve their wellbeing.

“We realised that people were unable to join Waves because they would work during the day, which is when the service runs. This is why we sought a small grant fund from National Mind to launch Waves for Workers in the evenings, to enable those who were missing out, to have the chance to access to the services they need.

“Sessions will focus on anxiety management, self-harm, understanding emotional needs, boundaries in the workplace and many more.”

A current Waves user said: “What I mainly struggled with would be physical stuff with people, I wanted a relationship but I couldn’t physically do it. As soon as someone complimented me I would freak out, if someone tried to hug me I couldn’t cope with it. Now, because of Waves I’ve learnt that there’s a lot more I need to deal with before getting to that point, I’m definitely in a better place”.

Places are limited. To self refer, or for more information email

by Suffolk Mind Team
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