Children, Families and Young People’s Project Pot

Enable state primary and secondary schools and activity providers to access The Mental Health Kitbag at no cost to them

Children, Families and Young People's Project Pot

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The Children, Families and Young People (CFYP) Project Pot has been created to enable state primary and secondary schools (and supporting adults) along with key activity providers (where these are a registered charity) to access The Mental Health Kitbag education and support at no cost to them.

Mental health training and support is available to other settings at subsidised rates. Please contact our team for further information.


How will the money donated to this Project Pot be used?

When donating to any giving page linked to the Children, Families and Young People’s Project Pot, you will be able to read exactly where that money will be used.

In some instances, specific locality giving pages will exist to enable you to donate money to a particular project. For example, a named school or catchment area.

However, there is also a general CFYP giving page for those who want to ensure their donation benefits children, families, and young people, in Suffolk, but who are happy for this to support across the county as need dictates.

In all cases, the fund will be used to provide training and support relevant to both the child/young person and their supporting adults (this could include funded counselling for over 18’s supporting a child/young person).


Who can donate to the CFYP Fund?

We invite donations from local companies, community groups, and individuals.

Schools may also decide to fundraise for Suffolk Mind once their training is complete to ‘pay forward’ the support Suffolk Mind have provided and enable another organisation in need, to benefit.

Recent examples of CFYP donors include:

  • Bucklesham Primary School who held a ‘thank you’ bake sale post-training raising £130
  • Woodhall Primary School (Sudbury) who fundraised to support Suffolk Mind services during Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week raising £287
  • Barr Personnel who have donated a Life Hacks for Young Minds assembly to a group of year 9 students and are now fundraising to support more year groups within the setting
  • The Melton Trust, who donated £10,500 to fully fund a programme of training for selected schools in their area
  • Our Big Give donors and supporters, who raised £14,000 as part of our Christmas 2023 campaign to support training for schools
  • Axter who donated £17,000 in 2023 to support a cohort of local schools around the Shotley Peninsula


How can education providers tap into this fund?

State schools, HAF providers and children’s activity clubs (with charitable status) can add their names to the waiting list by completing this form:

It is also possible for members of the public (including parents) to nominate an organisation and our team will reach out to them to see if they wish to be added to the wait list.

Our team will prioritise those on the wait list according to greatest need (as identified by demographic and attendance data) and length of time waiting.

Settings who have previously benefitted from Suffolk Mind training can apply for more training as part of this fund, but priority will be given to settings who have not had a fully funded space in the past.


How many children do you hope to reach with this fund in 2024-25?

While it is impossible to quantify an exact number, as each setting will require a tailored approach, the hope is to reach more than 5,000 children, young people and supporting adults in 2024-2025.


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