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We are on a mission to raise £20,000 to support the delivery of fully funded mental health training for schools based in the east of Ipswich.

Can you help us with this ambitious target?

Perhaps you are a local business keen to support your community and/or future workforce.  Maybe you are a parent or grandparent of a child who attends school in the east of Ipswich and would like to show your support.

You can make a donation online here or if you would like to support us with a larger gift, please contact to  discuss pot sponsorship.

Why is your donation needed?

Research shows us that most people who experience mental ill health as adults have a first episode before the age of 24, highlighting the importance of a preventative approach and early intervention. The Mental Health Kitbags, by Suffolk Mind, enables us to educate children from age 5 upwards, developing life long healthy habits and the ability to talk about and take care of their mental health and that of those around them.

We know children in Suffolk are in need of this support right now!  Healthwatch Suffolk (2023) reports that Suffolk young people’s wellbeing outcomes consistently appear poorer (lower) than national averages. The report also found that:

  • Almost half (44%) of students in Suffolk surveyed want a greater awareness of mental health among staff and students.
  • Over a third (34%) felt more time to discuss mental health would be beneficial to their wellbeing and happiness.
  • Over a quarter (26%) said that guest speakers with expertise in mental health would be beneficial to their happiness and wellbeing.

Equally, parents are also reiterating this need to us. When asked about the mental health of her child, a parent of a 23 year old with EBSA (emotion based school avoidance) in the East of Ipswich said:

“The hardest thing is she doesn’t know why she feels this way. Her anxiety can be paralysing but unpredictable, which makes it so difficult for her and the whole family.  Speaking to other parents I know she is not alone in struggling with her wellbeing and it’s really obvious to me that there is a desperate need for all young people to have an increased understanding of their mental health and for their families to know how to support them.”

 This project pot is fundraising for support for this parent and those like her, aiming to reach children and staff throughout the East of Ipswich.

If you would like to talk to us about fundraising for support for children in other areas of Suffolk, please contact

Three rucksacks in lilac, light green and blue hang on colourful pegs against a white wall backdrop.
Raised so far
£0 of £20,000

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