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2.5 hour workshop in school

Supporting teenage mental health is key to enable people to become resilient, emotionally aware and well-resourced adults. Our interactive workshops fit seamlessly into the school day, delivered by our experienced trainer.

What is The Teenage Toolkit?

Supporting teenage mental health is key to enable people to become resilient, emotionally aware and well-resourced adults.

Teenagers need and want to support themselves and their friends with their mental health. Their teachers, support staff, parents and carers need and want to support them too.

Teenagers and young people experience many changes as they grow older. Their brain physically develops, and this can impact their wellbeing.

That’s not to mention other challenges they need to navigate including friendships, relationships, school pressure, identity and their values and ethics.

The Teenage Toolkit is an interactive workshop to help teenagers become more resilient, emotionally aware and well-resourced adults.

We help young people better understand how their brain can react differently to situations based on previous experience, knowledge, and memories. Then, we empower them with practical skills to cope with challenges.

Who is it for?

  • Any school, college, university, supported housing, doctor’s surgeries or any other group that caters to young people aged 11+
  • Teachers and school staff
  • Parents and carers

What does The Teenage Toolkit cover?

  • The teenage brain and mental health
  • A toolkit of skills and techniques to support yourself and others
  • Develop an understanding of emotional needs and resources, and how they relate to physical wellbeing
  • Find out about how we feel stress in the body and what we can do about it
  • Learn skills to cope in challenging situations such as feeling out of control, managing worry and anxiety, feeling concerned for others or recognising and dealing with feelings of stress
  • Understand mental health and how to move towards, or stay in, wellbeing by meeting needs
  • How sleep can affect mental health and how you can improve it
  • What the links between food and drink and mental wellbeing are

How is it delivered?

  • Weekly one hour workshops over 4 weeks for 10 – 12 students delivered by qualified trainers
  • Content is tailored and includes a mix of case studies, practical activities, group discussions and movement

This course also includes:


Register your interest, and we’ll be in touch for the next steps to support mental wellbeing in your school or activity group.

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