Schools Wellbeing Culture Programme


Our long-term programme, which embeds mental wellbeing in your school's culture and creates lasting change within the workplace.

“1 out of 3 teachers will leave the profession within five years of qualifying.” (TES 2020)

These were levels reported before the pandemic. Our Schools Wellbeing Culture Programme is here to help.

In 2021, teachers reported a huge increase in their workload and job stress (TES 2021), with 80% feeling that their job has adversely affected their mental health in the past 12 months.

Recognising this, Ofsted have placed greater emphasis on the importance of managing workload and ensuring staff wellbeing. “Leaders engage with their staff and are aware and take account of the main pressures on them. They are realistic and constructive in the way they manage staff, including their workload.” (Ofsted School Inspection Handbook, October 2021)

How the programme works

  • Collect data on wellbeing
  • Make informed decisions about how to build on what’s already working to support mental health in your school
  • Get expert consultation on how to target what’s a barrier to your colleagues’ wellbeing
  • Support colleagues who are already unwell

The cycle repeats itself four times, over a period of four years. This creates a process of whole-school change, which is continually measured and refined.

Looking on behalf of a business? Try our Wellbeing Culture Programme for professionals.


Register your interest, and we’ll be in touch for the next steps to support mental wellbeing in your school or activity group.

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