Gala on the Farm: Sponsor spotlight on StrategiQ

by Suffolk Mind Team | 26 May 2023

With Gala on the Farm drawing closer (and, we’re pleased to say, sold out!), we’re shining the spotlight on another of the event’s generous sponsors. This time, we’re putting the spotlight on StrategiQ: a Suffolk-born marketing agency whose ethos is rooted in a ‘people-first’ culture and a passion for helping their team achieve their goals.

When Andy and Sarah Smith founded StrategiQ almost ten years ago, their goal was to not only create a business which would become known for its award-winning work, but also one which would build a reputation as being one of the best possible companies to work for.

Almost a decade later, with awards such as Campaign’s ‘Best Places to Work’ and The Suffolk Business Awards’ ‘Employer of the Year’ under their belts, StrategiQ’s core values haven’t changed, and the founders say it’s “more important than ever” to look out for one another’s mental health and to give back to the wider community.

Sarah Smith, co-founder of StrategiQ

Sarah said: “It’s never been more important to put people’s health at the forefront, particularly given the amount of people that suffer with mental ill health and how difficult it can be to talk about this. It’s our responsibility as an employer to encourage the team to put their health and wellbeing first, and by working with a charity like Suffolk Mind, we’ve been able to learn more about how to best support our staff. It has encouraged us to access the services and training they offer to ensure that we’re being as proactive and progressive as possible in our approach to mental wellbeing.”

As part of the company’s continued commitment to employee wellbeing, StrategiQ recently held a training day for The Mental Health Toolkit: The Essentials. This was to ensure that all staff working in a managerial or mentorship role would be equipped to:

  • foster a general sense of positive mental wellbeing for the wider team
  • identify those who may be struggling or facing challenges
  • identify and support those who may need additional help

We will also be returning in May to deliver The Essentials to the rest of their team.

Alongside flexible working, an extended annual leave policy and company-funded counselling, StrategiQ also offers volunteering leave to all staff to give them the opportunity to support projects they care about.

As Chief People Officer of StrategiQ, Sarah often stands at the helm of the company’s ‘people-focused’ efforts; from arranging staff socials, to providing coaching and one-to-ones, to overseeing the business’ inclusion and diversity policy, and she said that sponsoring the Gala on the Farm was a no-brainer.

“The services offered by Suffolk Mind are an absolute lifeline to people, particularly after the last few years. Each and every one of us has a responsibility to look after our mental wellbeing. By empowering ourselves with the tools that Suffolk Mind provides, we’re able to take the best possible care of ourselves and others, which then ripples outwards into our personal and professional lives, and beyond.

“When sponsoring a charity like this, you gain as much as you give, because we take great pride in having the StrategiQ name associated with such a worthy cause. If we’re able to spread the word about the work they do, or push Suffolk Mind onto the radar of just one person who needs them, then we’ll have done our part in achieving what this is all about: helping people.”

Find out more about StrategiQ on their website.

by Suffolk Mind Team
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