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Hi All!
Some are running marathons, doing triathlons, jump out of a plane, brave the shave…

This will be my CHALENGE!

Countdown has begun ❤️🥶❄️🏊‍♀️
28 days until we land in Prague and will be on our way to Poland to Mount Sniezka 🏔
With Tom Parry and Darren Neal our leaders.

17 of us will embark on a lifetime experience of cold, breath and mind over matter method, and all week getting ready to go up the snowy mountain in our shorts.

I started the Wim Hof Method back in November 2020 when nothing else was helping my anxiety and panic attacks after my car accident in September 2020.
As a therapist myself and in and out of lock-downs I found it difficult to help myself.
At the end of October I’ve seen a podcsat where Wim Hof was saying: ‘A cold shower a day, keeps the doctor away!’
I started cold showers in November and I had my first North Sea swim on the 13th of December. And I never looked back!
I am on my 4th Winter being an outdoor swimmer. I swim all year around in Rivers, Sea and Lakes, I’ve done numerous swim challenges, I became the Full Moon swim organiser at our local Deben Bluetit Group. I swam in 4 different countries, and about 40 different spots.
Had my first ever WH Fundamentals course with Tom Parry in November 2021, and ever since I’ve been attending the monthly follow on sessions. In 2022 I took part in an Advanced Workshop organised by Tom, and this year he will be leading his first winter Travels for his own group between 2-8th of March.

The 1 week WHM Winter Travels being a huge challenge mentally and phisically as well, I would like to give back something to our community.

I am starting this Fundraiser for Suffolk Mind for much needed funds to help others as well who are suffering with mental health issues like anxiety, panic dissorders, and depression.
My aim is to kick anxiety in the back side once and for all!

Raised so far
£340 of £200

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