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I'm excited to be raising money for Suffolk Mind by jumping out of a plane (terrifying) and falling at 120mph!! 🤯 I'm doing this challenge to raise vital funds to support mental health in the community, and to raise awareness of the connection between mental health and skin conditions. Anxiety and stress can cause and exacerbate skin conditions, and on the other hand being diagnosed with a skin condition can cause severe anxiety and stress. It's a vicious circle and one that I got stuck in a few years ago when I was diagnosed with Chronic Urticaria (hives) and Angioedema. I was in physical and mental pain everyday for 8 months. At its worst I was covered head to toe in hives, swollen eyes, hands and lips. It changed the things I wore, ate and drunk, stopped me doing any exercise and knocked my confidence completely. I didn't want to leave the house for fear of what people would say, and this sent my anxiety skyrocketing which then made my symptoms worse... the mental health and skin condition circle. Fast forward a few years and I have thankfully been in remission for a while now. Professional mental health support helped me a lot and now I want to give back. I'd really appreciate your help in supporting me to raise funds for Suffolk Mind. Any amount will make a difference. Thanks very much! 🪂
Raised so far
£535 of £360

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