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So it’s that time of year again, and after the success of last year’s event I am once again hosting ‘Music for MIND’ on RWSfm as part of ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’

I will be on air for 24 hours straight, no breaks no sleep. This is both to give myself another physical challenge and to symbolise the countless amount of sleepless nights some people endure when struggling with their mental health. I know I’ve been there !

I will be joined across the 24 hours with some of my fellows presenters co-hosting portions of the show with me, band members and artists wanting to share their stories and experiences, mental health care professionals and MIND representatives as well for insightful interviews.

My aim is to help open up topics of conversation, encourage people to reach out and get the help that they need. Every year The Mental Health Foundation sets a theme for Mental Health Awareness Week, and this years theme is Loneliness. I hope that by being on air and raising money for this amazing cause that I will help the brilliant team behind this vital asset carrying out the incredible and vital work that they do. And hopefully I can be company whilst on air for those feeling lonely and isolated

Please donate what you can, tune in when you can to the show and help those around you. 

Raised so far
£970 of £500

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