Sammy the Sea Squirt

Our Head of Education, Ezra Hewing has written a fun, psychologically informed story book, showing the benefits of exercise on mental health.

We want to teach children at a young age how to look after their mental health, which is more important than ever before.

The book was illustrated by Emma Graham.

Sammy the Sea Squirt

It’s with thanks to the amazing Suffolk community that we were able to publish more than 8,000 books to give to every Reception aged child (four-to-five-years-old) in Suffolk in 2021.

About the book

Our story is based around the character Sammy. They learn that moving helps with memory and emotions while meeting other ocean friends along the way.

Sammy is an inspiring character who moves to keep their brain healthy. Sammy helps children understand the importance of being active at an early age, in an age-appropriate and engaging way. The story also equips parents and carers with a way to encourage their children to make positive changes to their level of movement to help maintain good mental health.

We want Sammy to encourage children and families to get more physically active, play more and help their brains develop.

Figures show that 35% of children and young people said their mental health has got worse during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We want to ensure children learn the skills to look after their mental health from a young age, to help them to become more resilient as they get into adulthood. Reading the story will help make the link between movement and mental health a lifelong habit.

Children like reading Sammy the Sea Squirt because it’s fun. Adults can also have fun reading Sammy the Sea Squirt, knowing that they’re encouraging children to be mentally and physically well.


As part of Ipswich Borough Council‘s Augmented Reality (AR) trail, Sammy the Sea Squirt has been made into an audiobook.

Written by Ezra Hewing.

Illustrated by Emma Graham.

Narrated by David Ault, Ben Rowe, Fiona Thraille, Penny Scott-Andrews and Andy Craswell.

Sammy the Sea Squirt
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