Suffolk Mind issues advice ahead of crucial Ipswich Town games

by Suffolk Mind Team | 29 Apr 2024
Suffolk Mind issues advice ahead of Ipswich Town games

We have issued advice for Ipswich Town fans feeling the pressure as the Tractor Boys’ promotion chances heat up.

The Blues agonisingly missed out on three points against Hull City at the weekend, meaning they now need just four points from their remaining two games to guarantee promotion into the Premier League.

Our CEO Jon Neal said: “Every football fan knows how much the beautiful game can influence our emotions.

“The matchday nerves so many of us feel are linked to an increase in cortisol in the body, more commonly known as the ‘fight or flight’ hormone.

“You can combat those feelings by ensuring your emotional and physical needs are being well met – helping your body produce more of the ‘feel good’ hormones, endorphins.”

Following football can help us meet some of the emotional and physical needs that must be met to avoid stress. These include Community, Status and Meaning & Purpose.

Ways to meet them include through meeting with other fans and talking through our thoughts and feelings about a match, helping us to feel at one with our community.

Jon added: “We all recognise how amazing promotion to the Premier League will be – not just for the town, but the entire county.

“Last year we heard a lot from local people about how great an effect promotion to the Championship had on them – and we would expect to see the same again should McKenna’s men fire Town to the promised land.

“But it’s important to remember the things in life that we can and can’t control, and equip ourselves with the tools to help us calm down when we feel stressed.

“Exercise is a great way to combat cortisol, so if you’re feeling the pressure ahead of Saturday’s final match, walking to the stadium can be a great way to start.

“If you feel the stress really starting to build – don’t forget the power of 7/11 breathing. This involves breathing in for the count of seven and out for the count of 11, the opposite of a panic attack.”

More tips and tricks to help deal with stress can be found in our Resource Hub.

by Suffolk Mind Team
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