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Hello 🙂

“From the outside looking in it’s hard to understand. From the inside looking out it’s hard to explain”

Myself and Lily-Rose have taken on the challenge to walk 100 miles to raise money for Suffolk mind. Mental health is a huge part of my family. It’s something we live with on a daily basis. It breaks my heart to watch someone so close to me struggle each and every day with their own mind but I know with the tools/support and resource like the Suffolk mind charity that they will find the skills and strategies they need to cope better with daily life. 

The last year I have faced my own battles, there has been times when I wasn’t sure if I would ever see light at the end of the tunnel. I didn’t know how I could even get through the day, let alone the week, month or year! The smile on my face was fake, I would brush off “how are you” comments with “I’m great” which was not true, I wasn’t great! I was quite the opposite! However, with much support I was able to get a diagnoses and slowly started to open up to the people closest to me. With the support of my amazing family, the best friends and professionals I am slowly getting there and can see my rainbow (with a giant sparkly unicorn sitting on the top) . It’s so important to remember that behind every smile there is so much going on in peoples minds so please always be kind!On that note …. please if you can support this wonderful charity by donating then please do. We best get out walking shoes on and start walking 100 miles ❤️Lots of love 

Sarah and Lily-Rose 🌈

Raised so far
£175 of £250

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