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Hi, as somebody who is a former service user of Suffolk Mind I’d like to be able to give back; especially at a time when their services are needed more than ever. I have struggled with generalised anxiety on and off ever since I can remember and I have also had three really bad experiences of stress and anxiety in adulthood. I know how debilitating it is and how it can affect not just your mental but your physical health too, it can be all consuming.

I was so lucky with the support and help I received from Suffolk Mind, they were empathetic, which is absolutely vital in these circumstances but also spot on with the course of action, the tools they gave me and the support I received. I couldn’t have asked for more or appropriate assistance.

I feel fortunate to be feeling mentally strong and stable at the moment, but I know that mental health is a continuum and that can change. I also know that the Pandemic has had a devastating effect on many people’s mental health and that support services are in more demand now than ever before, at a time when funding is restricted.

I am therefore aiming to walk 100 miles/160 kilometres in January in a bid to get me fitter and also just as importantly raise money for this amazing charity. As I write this, we are halfway through January and I have walked 95.82 kilometres 59.89 miles, so I am well on target. 

If you can spare a few pennies or pounds for this worthy cause, I’d be very grateful,



Raised so far
£460 of £300

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