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As a few of you know already, my brother Camilo, passed away.  Camilo was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when he was 16. Robbing him of his adolescence and his adulthood. His life was plagued with challenges and without airing details of his personal plight on social media (which he would hate) the bad outweighed the good. 

So, aside from doing this for him, I’m doing it for my own mental health.

It’s not easy grieving a death. It’s not easy grieving a death when you are unable to go to the funeral because of a pandemic. It’s not easy grieving a death without your immediate family, in a pandemic when you’re nearly 7 months pregnant (and not being able to drink). So, I need something. I’m very much an advocate of exercise for well being.

100 miles before baby is born (feb) should be doable, I will be mostly walking as running is now hard on my hips and those of you who know me, know that bike riding is more of a health and safety issue. Miles can also be shared. So if there is anyone who would like to contribute in miles, please do! Every effort helps. Every donation/mile will help keep me motivated. If there are any miles left by feb, Alex, will take them on.

Please donate for a good and currently, very relevant cause. If not for my brother, then for me. If not for me, then for the other person in your life who you know is suffering in some way. Because we all know at least one. 

Raised so far
£1,660 of £1,000

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