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For years, everyday life felt like an uphill battle,
Where my soul and mind endlessly rattled,
Unable to find calm in an on going storm,
This sadly became my everyday norm,
At moments unsure I’d make it through the day alive,
But one day it clicked – Depression was something I had to survive,
So getting help and support is why I am here today,
Taking medication and talking through things made me feel OK,
It also took patience, time and being gentle with my mind,
To help me feel better and get myself realigned,
Mental Health is a journey and not necessarily something we overcome,
But at this moment in time it feels like a battle I’ve won

Having experienced first hand the amazing support charities like ‘Mind’ provide, I would be really grateful if you could sponsor me in running the Ipswich Half Marathon on the 22nd of September 2024! All donations, big or small, will be extremely appreciated and support those going through mental health challenges.

I would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge those we have sadly lost to mental health – and to those of you who might be reading this and are currently struggling. Remember, you are not alone, please reach out for help 🩷

Raised so far
£110 of £400

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