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In less than 14 weeks I am going to be running The 2023 Ipswich Half Marathon in preparation of potentially running The 2024 London Marathon

After participating in cross country and athletics during my secondary school years, this would be my first marathon style race.

Suffolk Minds is the organisation I’ve decided to support this year. A growing number of people are experiencing mental health issues, and this number is rising daily. The first objective of Suffolk Mind is to spread awareness of mental health issues throughout institutions like schools and businesses, assisting them in recognising people who may need assistance and teaching them how to do so.

Suffolk Minds’ support includes a wide range of courses, training and therapeutic services which can enable you to better understand mental wellbeing and how you can help improve or maintain your own.

Any contributions or help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Half-marathon running is a mental challenge in and of itself, and it is something I have always wanted to do to push myself.

Check out my giving page for more info.

Thank you!!

Raised so far
£240 of £200

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