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It has recently has been brought to my attention that Suffolk Mind were wanting to do a Charity Skydive, and they were looking for folks, brave, mad, willing (delete as appriopiate) to partake having seen at advert at work so I decided to put my name forward. 

Mental Health is a topic that is at the forefront of conversation now in modern society, and as someone who has had Depression and a Mental Breakdown, I learnt a painful lesson that it is good to talk, and Suffolk Mind is a Charity that is geared to help people talk about Mental Health without judgement or Stigma, and to be honest it is not scary to do so, it just needs confidence and good emotional intelligence to recognise it and that Suffolk Mind wants us to do surrounding Mental Health.

However they need your help, so please give generously to this act of Adrenaline Fuelled Madness that I have putself forward so Suffolk Mind can do this.

Much love


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