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The Senseless Skydiving Six are a team from local insurance broker Pound Gates, who will be jumping out of an aeroplane and feeling the full force of flying through the clouds from over 10,000 ft at a speed of up to 125 miles per hour! 

Some may call us senseless, but apart from fulfilling personal ambitions, we’re also raising money for an important cause, local charity Suffolk Mind, who provide a range of mental wellbeing support and services across Suffolk.

The jumps are taking place at Beccles Airfield on Saturday 1 October.

A note from each of us:

Kayleigh Vines

“I’m jumping for Suffolk Mind because I have personally benefited from some of the resources they provide. Having been through a bit of a physically and mentally challenging time over the last few years, I’m excited to be pushing myself outside of my comfort zone to raise some money and awareness for this local charity.”

Neil Matthews

“This is something I’ve always wanted to do and it’s also helping a local charity. Two local businesses, SMY IT and Sarah’s Coffee Shop, have kindly donated and made my participation possible.”

Danielle Sharp

“I have always wanted to skydive, and people close to me struggle with their mental health on a daily basis. So, being able to raise money for this charity and do a skydive is a win win for me!”

Kerry Sayer

“I have wanted to do it ever since they started doing it on I’m a Celebrity. When this opportunity came up I thought it was too good to miss! I would also like to raise money for Suffolk Mind, as I think looking after people’s mental health is really important, more so than ever at the moment.”

Tasha Bedford

“We all know someone or have had personal experiences of mental health that affect people’s lives every day. Jumping from a plane was not on my bucket list, but I’m going to face my fear of the parachute not opening and raise some money!”

Lynsey Delacamp

“I’m always looking to challenge and push myself out of my comfort
zone, I am so excited I am able to do a skydive and raise money for Suffolk Mind
which helps so many people. I will be so nervous on the day but it will be
worth it!”

Please help to keep us motivated and focused by making a donation. Funds raised go towards supporting the services offered by Suffolk Mind, which includes working across the mental health continuum, from wellbeing to ‘severe and enduring’ mental ill-health.

The charity provides support and information for all ages, including free mental health workshops, in-school and in-work training and courses, one-to-one counselling, as well as its unique Green Care allotment project and dedicated late-night support services.

Thank you for visiting our page. Every £ donated is greatly appreciated.

Wish us luck and safe travels!

The Senseless Skydiving Six


Raised so far
£3,120 of £2,100

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