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Suffolk Mind is a charity that all Suffolk folk should be truly proud of, given its aims to make Suffolk the best place in the world  to talk about and take care of mental health.  

So far, I have raised money for Suffolk Mind and walked on fire, which was an incredible (and nerve-wracking experience), but one which in my own mind I would have placed as a 5/10 in the scare stakes.

Now I am agreeing to throw myself out of a plane.  Heights and I do not mix well.  Oil and water.  I am petrified of them.  A perfect 10/10 on my fear scale.  I was overjoyed to find out that this is the latest challenge to raise vital funds for Suffolk Mind.

Please donate as much as you can to support Suffolk Mind and the fantastic work that it does – anything you can spare will make all the difference.  I promise you one thing – you will hear my screams on 1st October 2022, whether you live in Suffolk or further afield.  That’s got to be worth a few quid, right?!

Raised so far
£1,040 of £350

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