Payroll Giving for Employees

With Payroll Giving, you can help those who experience poor mental health every time your team is paid. Payroll Giving allows you to donate directly from your salary, before tax, enabling you to give more to Suffolk Mind for less.

It’s a tax-efficient way to donate to Suffolk Mind…

This is because payroll giving donations are taken from your gross salary and deducted before tax (but after National Insurance deductions). Tax relief is given immediately upon donation.

For example, a £10 a month donation would only cost you £8 per month. Therefore, we receive the full £10 of your donation at no extra cost to you.

Set up payroll giving


The process for setting up payroll giving:

  1. If your employer doesn’t yet offer Payroll Giving, ask them to consider doing this. They can find out more about registering with a payroll giving agency on the Government website.
  2. Where your employer already offers payroll giving, set up a payroll gift to Suffolk Mind by filing out a form (your employer should be able to provide you with the forms relevant for the agency they use). Be sure to insert your charity as Suffolk Mind as we do not benefit from donations to Mind.
  3. Your donation is deducted from your salary, and the tax office adds at least 25%.
  4. We then receive vital funds to help us in our mission to make Suffolk the best place in the world to talk about and take care of mental health


Payroll Giving for Employers

Payroll giving is a great way to engage employees and boost your employee benefits package as it streamlines their donation process. It’s also an excellent addition to your corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme, enabling employees to engage in charity giving more simply.

How Payroll Giving works

Payroll giving is easy to set up and run.

  • Register with an HMRC approved payroll giving agency. They send your employees’ charitable donations to their nominated charities. Details of approved agencies can be found here.
  • Promote your payroll giving scheme to staff and provide them with forms given to you by your chosen Agency, which they can use to nominate a charity and authorise the deduction of their charitable donations from their pay
  • Deduct employees’ donations from their salary using your normal payroll software (before PAYE is applied but after National Insurance contributions are calculated. This gives each employee Income Tax relief at the correct rate)
    send the employees’ names and donation amounts to your agency every pay run (normally monthly)
  • Suffolk Mind and any other nominated charities receive your employees’ donations from your agency

Match funding

Want to add extra value to your employee benefits package and your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme? Then why not match-fund employee donations?

For a set time, to start your scheme or on a permanent basis, you could single, double or even triple-match each donation.

Donate by Bank Transfer

If you would like to make a bank transfer, our details are as follows:

  • Please use the reference: SMFUN (+ your name or event name)
  • Account Name: Suffolk Mind Ltd
  • Sort Code: 20-44-51
  • Account Number: 60293679
  • Bank: Barclays Bank Ipswich

Challenge yourself

Challenge yourself and support Suffolk Mind by taking part in some fundraising events.

Volunteer with us

Volunteers help us to promote mental wellbeing across the country, and support us in the delivery of our services.

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