Friends of Suffolk Mind is a network of people who have promised to find out how important mental health is and how to look after it.  It is free to join and will give you lots of useful information and support for looking after your own mental health and helping your family and friends look after theirs. 

    Complete your details below and apply the Friends of Suffolk Mind pledge as much as you can: 

    I understand that we all have mental health, as we do physical health, and I pledge to find out more about how to look after my own mental health, and to promote mental wellbeing at every opportunity – at work, at home and through the organisations I interact with.

    As a Friend of Suffolk Mind, you will automatically be signed up to receive our regular Supporting You newsletter, which will include information to help you to look after your own mental health and that of others around you. You will also be invited to take part in our Emotional Needs and Resources Training (currently delivered online). 

    You can also sign up to receive our other newsletter, which will include information about how you can support Suffolk Mind through fundraising, volunteering, or supporting some of our campaigns

    Confidentiality & Data Protection

    Suffolk Mind is committed to maintaining confidentiality. All information about you is held securely and not shared with anyone outside our organisation without your permission, or unless exceptional circumstances occur. If you wish to see the records we hold about you please email us at [email protected]


    I declare that the information provided by me is accurate to the best of my knowledge.