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Psychotic mental ill health conditions like schizophrenia can manifest in many different ways, which can make them hard to recognise, treat and support. Using real life case studies and up-to-date clinical research, your staff will learn about the social causes and genetic risk factors for psychotic illness.

They will also learn how it is medically treated and how people with the diagnosis can be supported to meet their emotional needs.

The course content includes:

  • Understand the psychosis continuum and different forms of schizophrenia
  • Learn about risk factors and symptoms by working with case studies
  • Learn how psychosis and schizophrenia can prevent a person from meeting needs
  • Understand how medication for psychotic illness works and potential side-effects

Educating and sharing knowledge leads to a positive working relationship where clients feel heard and understood, and staff feeling better equipped to work with the client.

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