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To attend this course, you must have completed Your Needs Met and Effective Communication for Wellbeing beforehand.

One in four of us and at least one in six employees will suffer from mild-to-moderate mental ill health at some point – without counting those affected by ongoing stress. So it’s not surprising that line managers are more likely to find themselves dealing with an issue concerning mental ill health.

Managers are often unsure and lacking in confidence when someone presents with insomnia, stress, anxiety or more severe mental ill health. Unsurprisingly they don’t know how to proceed and fear making the situation worse.

The knowledge and skills gained from attending this course give people the confidence they need to handle conversations around mental health, ask the right questions, plan effective support, and get employees back to enjoying work. Using the RIGAAR model has benefits for all 1-2-1 situations, regardless of whether mental wellbeing is discussed.

Course delegates gain knowledge of:

  • Learn the unique approach to removing the causes of stress and mental ill health in your workplace.
  • Gain the communication skills to calm distressed colleagues and engage them in problem solving.
  • The seven essential elements of any effective one-to-one meeting.
  • How to work safely – the RIGAAR model.
  • The essential communication skills to take the heat out of a challenging conversation.
  • Putting ‘reasonable adjustments’ into place to support good mental health – and avoiding costly tribunals.
  • How to minimise and reduce distress.
  • How to maximise employee motivation and confidence.

How is this course delivered?

This two day course can be delivered interactively over Zoom for 12 delegates or in a face-to-face setting for 16 delegates. 

I absolutely feel this course should be attended by as many people as possible.

To book call 01284 338811 or email [email protected]

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