Declaring gender pronouns at Suffolk Mind

At Suffolk Mind, declaring gender pronouns is encouraged for anyone who wishes to. This often happens in staff email signatures, for visibility across the organisation.

If you are a cisgender person (someone who identifies with the sex they were assigned at birth), at first, it might be difficult to relate to adding your pronouns to your email signature.

However, for transgender and non-binary people (those who don’t identify with the sex they were assigned at birth), declaring their pronouns can be really important. It helps to ensure they are not misgendered and that their gender identity is respected.

Declaring our pronouns allows people to know how we identify. This normalises sharing pronouns, eliminates confusion and minimises the chance of anyone being misgendered. It can also help bring security and confidence to non-cisgendered people, and enable them to share their pronouns.

An act as simple as adding pronouns to our email signatures can lead us towards an inclusive and more accepting world for all.

Ultimately, sharing one’s pronouns is a personal choice (whatever gender), so if someone chooses not to have share their pronouns, it does not mean they are not focused on inclusion.

For general support and resources for LGBT+ mental health, visit our dedicated page.

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