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Terms & Conditions

Auction: Signed Autumn Variations CD by Ed Sheeran

By participating in the Charity Auction, anyone who takes part as “a Bidder” will be deemed to have understood these Rules along with the Terms and Conditions and to be bound by them.

1. Details of the Auction

1.1 Throughout the Duration of the Online Charity Auction 5pm on Friday 17 November to 12pm on Friday 1 December, participants (a Bidder) will be invited to take part in the Charity Auction for a chance to bid for a signed and framed copy of Ed Sheeran’s latest album, Autumn Variations. Pictures of the item can be seen on the event page, and can also be viewed in person as detailed on the event page.

1.2 Participation in the charity auction will take place by completing the entry form on the event page. Please submit your bid (in excess of the £80 reserve price) along with your full name and valid contact telephone number. Alternatively, you can also view the item as detailed on the event page, and place a physical bid in a sealed envelope handed to a Suffolk Mind staff member, in store at John Lewis (Ipswich). Please note our team will on the days and times noted on the event page. Any bidding outside of these times has to be via the form on the event page. Physical bids which are not handed to Suffolk Mind staff/volunteers will not count, and we are unable to accept bids by post.

1.3 All bids must be received between 5pm on Friday 17 November and 12pm on Friday 1 December (“the Bid Period”). Bids submitted via our online form must be completed fully and comply with 1.2 above. Physical bids must be made using the provided bid slips and envelops available at the Suffolk Mind stand within John Lewis and handed to a member of the Suffolk Mind team. John Lewis is not connected to this auction, nor will any member of John Lewis staff be able to accept a bid. All bids are subject to our Terms and Conditions.

1.4 Bids will be taken for a specific period as announced online (“Bid Period”) as defined in 1.3. The highest genuine bid received from any Bidder by the end of the Bid Period will secure the item. Where a Bid is successful, the Bidder will be contacted by Suffolk Mind to arrange payment. The successful Bidder must be available to complete the payment by Monday 4 December at 5pm.

1.4.1 In the event that more than one bidder has submitted the highest bid, the winning bidder will be the first bid received by Suffolk Mind (based on the form submission time/date stamp or the time/date stamp on sealed envelope bids).

1.5 All Bidders must ensure that they are able to pay for the item should they be successful.

1.6 With regards to the Charity Bid, no contract shall have been entered into between Suffolk Mind and a Donor or a Bidder.

1.7 Title of the item successfully bid for, shall not pass on to the Bidder until such time as payment for the item has been delivered.

1.8 The item offered for the Charity Bid shall be subject to availability and Suffolk Mind shall not be liable for claims, expenses, costs and or any losses (such as but not limited to profits, indirect, pure economic, consequential, or otherwise) or damage (save for death or personal injury arising from negligence) suffered by the Bidder.

1.9 All matters relating to the Charity Auction shall be at the sole discretion of Suffolk Mind

2. Eligibility

2.1 Participants must be aged 18 years or over and have a valid means of making an online debit or credit card payment.

2.2 Notwithstanding that a winning bid has been received or a pledge for an item has been given, if Suffolk Mind discover before the delivery of the item that for any reason under these Rules or Terms and Conditions the Participant should have been ineligible to give a Donation, or engage in the Charity Bid, or that any of the same should have been declared invalid due to any suspect activity, Suffolk Mind reserves the right to reject the Donation, bid or purchase as applicable.

2.3 Suffolk Mind shall not be responsible for any failure on behalf of any Participant whose bid is not received by Suffolk Mind.

2.4 Anyone who works for Suffolk Mind, either as a staff member, volunteer or trustee, is ineligible to make a bid in this auction.

Data Protection Act 2018

In registering with this silent auction, bidders consent to their information (“the Information”) being used as reasonably necessary for the purpose of the auction. The administrators of the auction will use the Information only as needed in connection with the auction, keeping it secure and not disclosing the Information to other parties.

For further information please view our Privacy Policy

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