How you can stay well by moving

by Suffolk Mind Team | 11 Aug 2022

Suffolk Mind research has found people across Suffolk are risking their mental health by not moving enough.

Movement is one of our 12 needs we should meet to stay well, with others including sleep, security and community.

However, the amount of people meeting their need for movement worsened between January and July 2022, compared to the same time last year.

When asked how well people were meeting their needs between 3 and -3 (with 1 considered “met”), people scored -0.23 on average for movement, compared to 0.09 in 2021.

Meeting your need for movement doesn’t have to be difficult – here’s seven ways you can move more:

  • Walk and talk meetings in person or remotely
  • Take advantage of summer evenings to get out into nature
  • Visit your local pool – movement in water is particularly useful for people with limited mobility
  • Make leisure time more active – try stretching or exercising during adverts on TV
  • Join a local walking club – it will also help meet your need for community!
  • Take part in a free workout on YouTube
  • Sitting exercises – perfect if you’re sitting at a desk or have limited mobility

Not only that, but there are also ways to meet your need for movement while supporting Suffolk Mind. Those up for a challenge can take part in 100 miles for Suffolk Mind this summer – whether you walk, swim, hop or dance!

Our recent blog includes some great ideas for places to visit for free this summer. So, you can keep your family moving without breaking the bank!

Jon Neal, CEO of the charity, said: “It’s important we meet our physical and emotional needs to maintain good mental health.

“Movement is not only key for our physical health, but it’s vital for our mental health too. It helps us burn off cortisol, the stress hormone, while also increasing our endorphin levels to feel good.

“It can also have positive knock-on effects for our other needs such as sleep, as exercise tires our bodies and helps clear our minds.

“Movement can also help with our need for community and close relationships if we are moving with others, as well as our need for achievement by meeting goals we set.”

To help stay well, find out more about your 12 physical and emotional needs.

by Suffolk Mind Team
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