How to use your Memory resource to support yourself

by Jo Flack | 30 Apr 2020

One of our Trainers, Jo Flack, explains how you can use your Memory resource to support yourself when facing challenges.

Some memories are painful to recall, but the ability to draw upon and develop long-term memory patterns is a key resource in supporting us to stay well. Without access to our memories, we cannot develop or learn.

And memories allow us to draw upon our experiences to help us get our physical and emotional needs met.

So, when our memory is working well and is used in tandem with our conscious rational mind it can help us to meet our needs well, increase our ability to cope and decrease our worry.

How then can we harness the power of memory to support us when we are facing challenges in life?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Spend some time recalling when you have managed to remain positive in the face of adversity in the past – and what you did to help this happen
  • Remember that this will pass
  • Draw on your memories to help plan, problem solve and mentally try out positive outcomes for the future
  • Keep your brain active with hobbies. Recall hobbies and interests you once had that you may now have the time to take up again, or try learning a new one
  • Write a daily journal to remind yourself of positive things that have come out of this challenging experience
  • Help to create good memories for yourself and others by keeping in touch with the people who are most important to you
  • And finally, remind yourself that that you are doing the best you can


Updated July 2023

by Jo Flack
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