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Suffolk’s Needs Met

Suffolk’s Needs Met is all about giving you an understanding of what it means to be emotionally healthy, why it is important and how emotional health supports physical health. Most of all, Suffolk’s Needs Met is about us working together to create emotionally healthy places to enjoy living and working in.

This free course is delivered over 3.5 hours. Call 01284 338811 for more details.

Who is Suffolk’s Needs Met for?

Suffolk’s Needs Met is for you, your family and friends, and work colleagues. Your Needs Met is for anybody with emotional health – and that means everybody!


You’re invited to be part of our research into Newmarket’s wellbeing. The Emotional Needs Audit involves rating how well each of your 12 emotional needs are currently met. It will take 3-5 minutes.

This research will create an overall picture of how well Newmarket as a town is meeting its emotional needs. This is so we can hopefully build on what’s working, and target what isn’t.

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