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Emotional Wellbeing in the Classroom


Emotional Wellbeing in the Classroom is a one-day workshop for primary school staff – teachers, support assistants or leadership team.

We aim to equip school staff with skills to read the emotional health of the whole classroom, meet emotional needs through routines, patterns and positive expectations, understand the science behind mental health and create a class wellbeing action plan using new skills to look after their own wellbeing as well as that of their class.

What to expect from this course

This course is for you as well as for your pupils. It will help you to manage the emotional health of the whole classroom, including both the pupils and staff. It will equip you with skills to talk with both pupils and staff about their wellbeing, help bring yourself and pupils back into wellbeing and maintain an atmosphere of wellbeing in your class or school.

This course targets the whole class through routines, patterns and positive expectations. It is about addressing the needs of the many rather than the few by reading your classroom like an emotional barometer and adjusting small things to help you and the pupils to meet your and their needs to maintain or move towards good mental health and wellbeing. It will enable you to help you and your pupils reduce worry and stress without adding to pressures with quick wins and multi-faceted solutions that can be incorporated into the usual school day without any additional time pressures. It will also equip you with the neuroscience behind maintaining mental health and help you to create a wellbeing class culture action plan.

This course has been composed from the learnings of a teaching focus group post-Covid and addresses the needs and issues that have been raised by many in classrooms across Suffolk.

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