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Help us to publish our Sammy the Sea Squirt storybook – Crowdfunding appeal

Suffolk Mind needs your help. Our Head of Education, Ezra Hewing has written a fun, psychologically informed storybook, showing the benefits of exercise on mental health. It’s called Sammy the Sea Squirt, and we want to give it to every Reception aged child (four-to-five-year-olds) in Suffolk. We want to teach children at a young age how to look after their mental health, which is extremely important, especially at the moment.  

Nobody wants their child to experience poor mental or physical health. But what can parents and carers do to protect their child? How can they support them to grow up to be positive and emotionally resilient adults?

Did you know that 50% of young people in England do not meet recommended weekly levels of physical activity? Did you also know that this has a direct link on your child’s mental health?

Support our Sammy the Sea Squirt Crowdfunding appeal today!

How can the story of Sammy the Sea Squirt help?

Our story is based around the character Sammy the Sea Squirt – they learn that moving helps with memory and emotions while meeting other ocean friends along the way. 

Sammy is an inspiring character who moves to keep their brain healthy. Sammy helps children understand the importance of being active at an early age, in an age-appropriate and engaging way. The story also equips parents and carers with a way to encourage their children to make positive changes to their level of movement to help maintain good mental health. 

We want Sammy to encourage children and families to get more physically active, play more and help their brains develop.

Figures show that 35% of children and young people said their mental health has got worse during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We want to ensure children learn the skills to look after their mental health from a young age, to help them to become more resilient as they get into adulthood. Reading Sammy the Sea Squirt will make the link between movement and mental health a life long habit. 

Our Crowdfunding appeal

We are appealing to all parents, grandparents, businesses, schools, and everyone who has an interest in our children’s future, to help us fund the publication of our book, Sammy the Sea Squirt, so we can give it to every four-to-five-year-old in our county. The story has been written, the characters have been created by local children’s illustrator, Emma Graham, and Public Health Suffolk are ready to distribute it to Suffolk school children. We now need your support and the help of our local community to be able to publish more than 8,000 copies.

Support our Crowdfunding appeal today as part of Crowdfunder’s national #MentalHealthMatters campaign, which aims to raise much needed funds for mental health charities and organisations across the UK.

PLUS! We would also like to give something back to you too, so head over to our crowdfunding site and find out what rewards we are offering for your donations, for you, your family, your business, or your school.

Support our future generations by donating to our Crowdfunding appeal today

Anyone can help…

Would your organisation like to contribute to the Sammy Sea Squirt campaign? You can! Various priced rewards are available including the opportunity for you or your organisation to be acknowledged in the book itself as a key supporter!

Get your school involved…

We would love for your school to be involved in our Sammy the Sea Squirt crowdfunding appeal. If you donate a minimum of £150 for our Sammy the Sea Squirt crowdfunding appeal, your school can have a special ‘Sammy assembly’ helping your children to make the link between movement and mental health and extra copies of the Sammy the Sea Squirt book for your library. Your school will also be mentioned in our acknowledgments in the published book!

Here are some ideas to help your Sammy fundraising:

  • Dress-up days wearing the colours of the rainbow
  • A sponsored movement afternoon, for example: a sponsored wiggle, run or dance
  • An art competition – who can draw Sammy the Sea Squirt meeting ocean friends?

Head over to the Crowdfunding site to make your donation today!

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Sammy will provide you with exercise ideas, advice on how to look after the mental health of yourself and your children and any exciting updates in regards to our campaign. 

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