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Suffolk Food Hall – Charity of the Year

The team at the Suffolk Food Hall have chosen Suffolk Mind as one of their chosen charities of the year for 2019 and are supporting us with many events and activities throughout the year. They update us on what they’re doing for Suffolk Mind.

Hello all, so after Suffolk Food Hall nominated Suffolk Mind to become their charity of the year, I (Craig Bullard, events coordinator and butchery supervisor) was so proud and chuffed to continue organising different events to keep raising awareness and hopefully some funds for Suffolk Mind.

The main reason behind wanting to help Suffolk Mind on a personal level is down to the advice I received from them. A leaflet I came across as a teenager helped me deal with the anger and stress I felt at the time. The work that’s done across the whole spectrum of mental health is superb in allowing people the opportunity to speak and get help and support. I want Suffolk to be the best it can be.

In January we ran 24 miles a day for 7 days, Suffolk Mind is there for everyone 24/7, so we wanted to be 24/7 for them. We had a team of 7 of us do a range of miles over the days and raised over £1,200, and the plan is to create more activities and more events to keep going.

In June, Aston, Nick and I will be running the Orwell challenge, which is a 25 mile route around Suffolk, taking the tally of miles ran up and hopefully some funds too! I have a target of running 100 miles for Suffolk Mind as an individual.

We have also launched the Suffolk Mind sausage, made with Chamomile tea, ginger and thyme. It’s a healthier sausage with reduced salt and preservative, along with a leaner pork trim. We are selling these right now in the shop, where every pound in weight sold, £1 will be going to Suffolk Mind. I am very excited and proud about this product and will see just how many of them we can be selling, especially when the BBQ weather eventually comes our way!

UPDATE – 03/06/19

Hello all, another little update for you all in what we are up to at the Suffolk Food Hall. Our Suffolk Mind sausages are a hit! The first month of them being in our counter has resulted to 52 pounds in weight sold, meaning within the first month we have raised £52 towards our total! Great news! There is still some yet to try them, and after you have that’s when you will love them! I am so very proud of the product!

In other news, the Orwell challenge is not far away at all! Aston, Nick and myself are getting ourselves ready to go! Nick and I have all the gear, it’s Aston with the idea! It’s going to be a great day and looking forward to showing our continued support, we keep letting everyone know on our social media platforms of our donation page and what we are up to, flyers and badges and all sorts are seen around the shop also. Events are slowly being built, I’ve received some fantastic gift hampers from our local suppliers which will be involved in our raffle at our quiz night, a date is still to be confirmed but there will be a raffle and an auction of some very special prizes and products.

Many thanks for your support and I look forward to letting you know how the Orwell Challenge goes and keep updating you all on what we are up to at the Suffolk Food Hall.

To donate to the Suffolk Food Hall page, click here.

Author: Kristina Brinkley

Posted on: 6th June 2019

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