Victims of crime

About victims of crime support

Thanks to grant-funding, Suffolk Mind is able to provide mental health support for you if you self-identify as a victim of crime.

So, you don’t need to have formally reported the crime (for instance, to the police). And the crime can be historic – such as something that happened to you years ago, or even in childhood.

If this resonates with you, take a look at the support that Suffolk Mind can offer below.

Please note: this is not a crisis service.

For urgent help for you or someone you know, please contact your GP, visit A&E, call 999 or 111, or visit our Help Directory for more options.

Anxiety course

Anxiety Management

This online course comprises two 4-hour sessions, which will help you to take control back from anxiety. You’ll gain skills to calm anxiety through breathing exercises and learn how to distract and switch off your brain’s alarm system when it gets out of control.

The course will also show you to observe overwhelming feelings and shift them towards positive emotions. By reducing anxiety and putting strategies in place, you can return to deep, restorative sleep. And, to protect yourself in the future, you will master the ability to challenge negative thoughts to reclaim your quality of life.


Anyone in Suffolk who is 18 or over and identifies as a victim of crime can easily access our counselling service for one-on-one support from our counsellors.

We are currently able to offer up to 6 sessions of telephone counselling to victims of crime for free.

Counselling provides you with the opportunity to talk about issues and any challenging emotions you have in a private, secure setting.

Please note: for the Victims of Crime service, we are accepting counselling referrals from all of Suffolk, including Waveney. Please tick ‘yes’ to question two on the form below.

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