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Workplace Wellbeing training from Suffolk Mind “makes good business sense” says top regional solicitor firm

We’ve spoken to the Head of HR at Gotelee Solicitors LLP, Caroline Bellett about Suffolk Mind Workplace Wellbeing Training.

Why did you call on Suffolk Mind to provide training?

There are many different consultants and companies offering Mental Health training, but I believe that Suffolk Mind are the true specialists and trusted experts in what they do locally. I always feel very confident that they will deliver first class practical training sessions with the most up-to-date information based on the clearest Mental Health Continuum model.  

Why did you think it was necessary to provide mental health training for your staff?

Mental health training is crucial to any business – it demonstrates that leaders and managers value the health and wellbeing of their people and it establishes the right culture of an organisation by making it very clear that the mental wellbeing of our staff matters.  

Providing training and awareness in mental health is not only morally the right thing to do but it also makes good business sense; if employees feel that they can be open about any mental health issues they may be experiencing, then there is better scope to reduce the impact of the typical people management issues that often manifest (e.g. absence rates, poor performance).  

How many of your staff were trained by Suffolk Mind?

Almost all of our staff went through the Your Needs Met Training. We also made the decision that new starters would be given this training and it would form part of our mandatory training programme. We are also going to build on this by rolling out further training delivered by Suffolk Mind – the sleep workshop is already fully booked with a waiting list of staff wanting to attend!

What did you and your staff think about the training by Suffolk Mind?

Excellent! We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from staff (even from those who may have initially been a bit apprehensive about having the training). It provided a real buzz with staff in the offices and I can’t speak more highly of the trainers – incredibly knowledgeable and presented the topic in a very easy and relaxed way. They pitched the subject matter perfectly to the audience.

Would you recommend mental health training by Suffolk Mind to other businesses?

Without a doubt! I have attended various mental health training workshops over the years which have been delivered by a wide range of organisations and providers, and the trainers from Suffolk Mind are easily up there with the very best!

Thank you to the whole Workplace Wellbeing team who have helped me organise and deliver the training for our staff – everyone has been so helpful and everything has always gone according to plan!

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