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Sammy the Sea Squirt resources for schools

Children are currently in need of accessible skills to help them to take care of their mental health. To address this, Suffolk Mind have launched a story book project, Sammy the Sea Squirt, to teach children across Suffolk how to look after their mental health by moving.

We have now reached our fundraising target to publish more than 8,000 books to give to every Reception aged child in Suffolk in September. 

Whilst we are getting your books ready to be delivered, we have created some resources below for your students to learn about the benefits of exercise on their mental health. 

Activities your school can get involved in

Sammy School curriculum ideas linked to EYFS Development Matters 2021

Sammy movement and memory game

Sammy the Sea Squirt Sponsored Swoosh

Design your own character

The Rainbow Game

Create your own Sammy the Sea Squirt bunting

Print pre-made Sammy the Sea Squirt bunting

Colour in Sammy the Sea Squirt

Watch our video: how does Sammy the Sea Squirt’s movement help their brain?

Suffolk Mind’s Children and Young People’s Facilitator Louise Harris talks you through the science behind the character of Sammy the Sea Squirt, and why they need to move to help their brain. Watch this with your class to get a sneak peak of the Sammy the Sea Squirt story, and learn more about Sammy’s friends and how you can move just like them to help your own brain.

Learn more about Sammy the Sea Squirt 

Our story is based around the character Sammy the Sea Squirt – they learn that moving helps with memory and emotions, while meeting other ocean friends along the way. 

Sammy is an inspiring character who moves to keep their brain healthy. Sammy helps children understand the importance of being active at an early age, in an age-appropriate and engaging way. The story also equips parents and carers with a way to encourage their children to make positive changes to their level of movement to help maintain good mental health. 

Learn more about the Sammy the Sea Squirt project by clicking here. 

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If you have any questions about our Sammy the Sea Squirt storybook or resources, contact us on [email protected]

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