T-Men/pause (Internal Training)


Menopause in the Workplace

Menopause in the Workplace internal training gives you the opportunity to consider the menopause from a wellbeing perspective.

Using the lens of the Emotional Needs & Resources approach, you will reflect on how the menopause affects people in the workplace, learn practical ideas to support colleagues and discover how to write and implement a supportive policy.

The course will help you to understand the different challenges people who are experiencing the menopause may face, learn skills to support colleagues experiencing the menopause and consider how an effective policy can support individuals and the organisation.

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Key content:

  • Looking at the menopause through the lens of our Emotional Needs & Resources
  • A deep dive into the effects of menopause on sleep and how that affects the workplace
  • Understanding how to use our innate resources to support colleagues
  • Sharing ideas on how to build an effective policy

This is a shortened version of our 1-day menopause course for internal staff who have already completed The Mental Health Toolkit: The Essentials. Please seek approval from your manager before booking as there will be an internal recharge. 

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Wednesday 11th October 2023 – 1.30pm to 4.30pm