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John Dugmore


John is taking part in the Fire Walk for Suffolk Mind…

“Suffolk Mind addresses the issue that affects about 1 in 4 of us – this being our mental health and wellbeing (be this anxiety, stress, depression etc.)

Having an in work and well executed Health and Wellbeing policy, ensures that companies not only support the wellbeing of their employees, the major asset any business has, but also ensures that having a more ‘health positive’ workforce leads to a more successful business. Health and Wellbeing is an important policy agenda for Suffolk Chamber and our members. Indeed we have been working with our partners Suffolk Public Health on this issue to raise awareness in the business community for the past 2 years. Therefore this firewalk is an opportunity to continue to raise the agenda within our very diverse and entrepreneurial business community. Plus on top of this, it will be fun (so I’m told)!”


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Total Raised So Far: £1,070.00 of £500.00
Total Donors: 50
Campaign Start Date: 16th December 2019
Campaign End Date: 28th March 2020

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Messages from supporters

  1. Good luck John – I hope it isn’t too sole destroying 🙂

    Amanda Ankin

  2. Such a great cause but a crazy challenge! Good Luck

    Jo Ferriss

  3. John, rather you than me, but best of luck

    John Mayhew

  4. At least you won’t get cold feet

    Matthew Darroch-Thompson

  5. Go for it John and best of luck on the day.

    David Sparkes

  6. Liverpool for the League….


  7. A great cause, we are very proud of you, can’t wait to watch xxx

    Jo & Amelia Dugmore

  8. Good luck John
    Di & Gary

    Diane Sarjant

  9. A great cause. Good luck. Love Mum & Dad x

    Roger & Sue Dugmore

  10. Don’t get COALed feet! Good luck

    Simon Dugmore

  11. Don’t get COALed feet! Good luck.

    Simon Dugmore

  12. Good luck John – a great thing to do for a fantastic charity!

    Rachel Cornes

  13. Lots of luck John xxx

    Sally westerbeek

  14. John “Flately” Dugmore – “Feet of Flames” Great work John, all the very best of luck to you

    Mark Groves

  15. Good luck John. I understand its a great cure for verruca’s 🙂

    Graham Burchell

  16. John, good luck from everybody at ABP for such a great cause.

    Paul Ager

  17. Good luck John

    Wear Dr Martin’s and you’ll be fine

    Saj Minhas

  18. Good luck John. Fantastic cause, hope all goes well.

    Sharon Bleese

  19. Bonkers… but worthwhile! Good luck.

    Ciaran Nelson

  20. You’re totally mad! Good luck…

    Jason Middleton

  21. Best of luck John from the Yellobellies – a great cause. Look forward to seeing some pics!

    Mary Graham

  22. Just imagine all those people you’d like to be walking over….

    Teresa Durling

  23. Good luck, John. What a fun thing to do for such a brilliant cause!

    Jess Winlow

  24. Why didn’t you just get a pedicure like anyone else?

    Guy Gibson

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