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Jodie Goolding


Hello I’m Jodie and I’m a service user and Volunteer Photographer at Suffolk Mind.

I have suffered with both chronic illness and mental illness since my early teens. I haven’t always had the best relationship with exercise over the years – I would either engage in it too much or not do anything at all.

So I’m doing RED January to give me motivation to maintain a healthy relationship with exercise and to keep moving even during those times where I feel like I can’t leave the house for days.

During Jan I will vlog through the ups and downs of suffering with Borderline Personality Disorder, Endometriosis & Polycystic Kidney Disease in order to share my journey and awareness of these illnesses.

I am going to commit to at least 40 minutes of exercise a day – I do consider myself to be quite active but consistency is my weakness.

So fundraising for Suffolk Mind and Vlogging will keep me motivated throughout the whole of January. Back me and help me raise money for a fantastic cause!

I am also going to try lots of new activities to keep it interesting and to challenge my anxiety. Biggest challenge for me will be going swimming. Other activities will also include getting out the batons and trying majorettes again for the first time since being a teen.


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Total Raised So Far: £135.00 of £100.00
Total Donors: 12
Campaign Start Date: 2nd November 2018
Campaign End Date: 28th February 2019

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Messages from supporters

  1. All the best


  2. Every step of the way.


  3. Good luck! What a wonderful thing you are doing.

    Roseanne Ganley

  4. Well done on your hard work

    [email protected]

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